ConnectSity is a social and professional networking tool for college students and alumni, which helps people to connect each other locally and globally, to find your classmates and colleagues, and to connect them through student or alumni clubs

When you join to ConnectSity, you can create a profile that summarizes your education, professional expertise, skills, and accomplishments.

    You will be able to:
  • Manage your information: Choose which information to be available to the network.
  • Find jobs and apply for jobs: Create your profile, upload your resume, choose your study/expertise category, and search and apply for jobs.
  • Introduce yourself to local employers.
  • Create your library: Share files, articles, and presentations with your connections, search for files and build extensive knowledge through your library. Share files through your local clubs or your network.
  • Join to your local student and alumni clubs: Be part of your local community
  • Share your opinions: Ask questions and get answers from other people or give your answers to questions.
  • Create an Event: Create any event through your clubs and post it. Search for events and join job fairs and project competitions.
  • Local and Global Marketplace: Sell your books, computers, cars, and many other things locally through your clubs or globally to the whole site.
  • Blog: Create your own blog or follow what other people created, receive comments
  • Active Notification System: You will find out what your connectsions are doing at home page. ConnectSity will also give you notifications on anything through your personal email as well as through Connectsity messaging system.